Founding Members

Susan Bourgerie, MA, LP

Susan Bourgerie, MA, LP, is a licensed psychologist and the co-founder of Loring Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Center and Partners in Resilience in Minneapolis, MN.  She works from an integrative, whole-person perspective with individuals, couples, and groups. Susan has studied and practiced in the Vipassana and Zen traditions for 20 years, and is committed to sharing the “good medicine of mindfulness” with her clients and colleagues.

Tom Glaser, MS

Tom Glaser, MS, is an educator and Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Minneapolis.  He has practiced Native American spirituality and Buddhism and for over 20 years.

Henry Emmons, MD

Henry Emmons is a psychiatrist who integrates mind-body and natural therapies, mindfulness and Buddhist teachings, and compassion and insight into his clinical work. Henry developed the Resilience Training Program, which is currently offered at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. This unique program is based upon the ideas developed in his books, The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm.  In addition to Resilience Training, Henry has developed  “A Year of Living Mindfully” and “The Inner Life of Healers: Programs of Renewal for Health Professionals” offered through the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing.  He is also a founding board member of the International Network for Integrative Mental Health.

 Jean Haley, MLS, MS, MSW, LICSW

Jean Haley is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in St. Paul.  She also volunteers at the Walk-in Counseling Center and teaches Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction at the the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota.  She teaches workshops on mindfulness and psychotherapy and has been practicing meditation for many years.

 Merra Young, LICSW,LMFT

Current Board Member

Lorene Jabola, Ph.D., LMFT

Lorene Jabola, Ph.D., LFMT is an educator and mental health professional in the Twin Cities.  Her education, training, and practice are in Western and Eastern religion, psychology, and philosophy for over 30 years. Dedicated to whole-person approaches to health and healing, she engages meditation practice, training, and teaching.